A (missing) Spark

A Spark original lyrics - copied from my iPhone notes.  Often times when writing lyrics my mind just rambles on and words turn from song intention to poetry in it's purest form.



This is where we came from

And this is where we return to

We all have a spark to leave here

Blessed to have someone to carry it on

Believe in your highest self

I always put you up on the highest shelf

What I would take back is the time I wasted

Hasty, complacent, I always was taken

Sometimes by hands so course

But you know what it's like to be drained by the toxicity

what excuse do I have?

Every time I feel the urge to send you a text, my eyes tend to precipitate

I had 3 years to State my intentions

Your path would've changed and you wouldn't have passed away


You won't ever - forget the day after

When you lose someone you ❤️ 


The birds sound sweeter

You focus on your breathing

Simplicity - has - meaning

In the moment we feel that we'll live forever & grow together

there’s nothing better

Drinks on a Sunday

Coffee Dates

A new first kiss

While you stargaze

they fall through the cracks, we never get back all these

Second changes 

New romances

Bottled up what I want to express is



Hope you see all the things I've created 

For you

About you

And now

Without you




If we knew the end would we love endlessly?

It’s worth a little more with unpredictability

The answer to why we feel so deeply

You're always on my mind

You're every line

Always in my heart

In every rhyme






Pt. 2

Pt. 2

You left a manic mark on my shoulder as contentment

I left a mark of fire on your heel

Soon enough you’d mark me in color

Maybe someday you’ll have a color of your own


I love you in every state of despair

I loved you in a Giant Sequoia

I dreamed of loving you in India

We share the same travel desires

You were the first I opened up to about my skepticism

Spirituality in Beautiful

Religion is another


We find that we connect in a new constellation

Our stars will help our shine shine longer

I empathize your cynical look on illness

Do realize I didn't come here to take your power

I promise to love you when you break something twice

And I promise to call you out if you hurt how I try


You've been stuck in a state of despair

Now I don’t know if we’ll ever fully connect again


& that thought has broken me






I watch you float away

Not a thing I can do

Once your mind claimed

It takes ahold of you

I spent weeks away

Bitter at the thought of you

You think back at the moment

When the shift took place


We talked of leaving this place

Dreamed of travel by plane

I tried to take us away


What we dreamed of:

We dreamed of India

Dreamed of the Bay

Dreams of Westfalia

They lay dormant today


Dreams in Malibu

Dreams by fire

Dreams in a teepee

Dreams in a Giant Sequoia

Dreaming asleep on Zuma

Dreaming above the Greek

Dreaming on two wheels

Dreams of ink


Dreams of the deepest connection

Dreams of haunting eye contact

Dreams of dancing in the shower to John Denver


The dreams ended there

But you’re still my muse




gravitate then let go

gravitate then let go

I did everything that I could’ve done

I soaked up the pieces of the sun

I put the fire out in my lake

But you striked a well and now my life is flamed


Maybe you warned me of this

There must’ve been a detail I missed

I spent weeks bitter at the sight of you

I hid all that made me dream of you


Your chosen name tells me what I need to know

Eris gravitates with a pull then let’s go


You’re exactly what I need

Before you my creations were wreck-less

Now I find meaning in the darker things




Living Legend

Living Legend

She's a living legend

She wants to be tragically famous

Die when she turns twenty seven

That's the way she sees it

I had a moment of realize in the back seat of a car

I notice a consistency of compassion 


She said I'm the best she's ever had

Truth revealed that I share the same feel

For the past year she's lost her will to live

I'm addicted to the results of being her light


I'm so proud of her

I know she truly sees that

She reads me like the seventh page of Caspian

And I read her like the first page of Genesis


We have a thing for grabbing each other's hair

She's showed me what real touch feels like

Sometimes she talks too much

And sometimes she explains too aggressive

But she's my Muse and I create to love her




time #3

time #3

YOU SAID YOU LIKE BEING BY THE OCEAN - because it feels like you're at the edge of the world

We come to find out that's how I've always viewed it too

No worries there

Limitless possibilities

No judgement

Just space

We went there to reflect and meditate

What we found ourselves doing is making more fond memories

You left with a burn on the back of your legs

Maybe the fire of the sun connected with the fire of your sign

I left with a burn on my face

Maybe the fire of your sign left my face with a story to tell

I find it easy to speak of you in beautiful metaphor

It just... works




Just Like YOU

Just like YOU

I'm envious

I want to be an artist, just like you

All this time I've been living in a material world that closes my eyes to the possibilities of improvisation

Closes my eyes to the paper I should touch my pen to

Little fears grab my head & hammer nails of thought into my frontal lobe, like a mental lobotomy 

I fear the thought of touching this pen to this paper

What these nails try to tell me is that I'll be wasting valuable space

The demos within me want me to stop creating

The Angels above me need to be let in

I look up to the stars often - maybe to greet an Angel anxious to help - hoping the Angel falls into my eyes & mouth like a dark memory I can't escape

A dark memory I look back on to see a reflection of what I've achieved, or who I was

How I've grown

Every bit of nostalgia consumes me

The Smell, the Temperature Fluctuation, the Humidity

They may be dark memories, but they remind me of a brighter future

(Thank you L for the inspiration)




You said, it's 'Been A Little' While

You said, it's 'Been A Little' while

I spent all day with a new desire

I found myself here to tame your fire

A cancer that eats away the burn

You give me a sign that sings higher than the birds


I found myself captivated by your eyes

Changing shades with the tides we let wash away our time

We both left this day feeling truly accepted

Relieved and scared of what this could mean

We haven't felt this way in ages

We've helped each other create something honest and breathless

I want to feel you as a companion every day

I want to lock eyes as you hold your breath

I want to relieve the moment we sang to each other our past


I came into this day with a suspicion you're going to affect me

The one you want to meet taught me to always trust that feeling


I don't feel this often

But I feel a sensual tension

And emotional sanction

A true feel of completion


You said you want to travel to the dirty places

Truth revealed that we share the same attraction

Damn, I can't stop thinking about your eyes

From the moment we met I was truly mesmerized


I'll always think of when we jumped in the ocean fully clothed

It's a hard thing to find someone who lets life flow


When I returned back to the place where I sleep

You had a song waiting to keep me up beat

It's been a little while since you opened up like this

A song to confess of how you've kept it all inside

You said it's been a little while 

Been A Little

You said it's been a little while

Been A Little




6 Hours

6 Hours

Only 6 hours

You only get six hours

Sleep on the dreams you're creating

Learn while you live in slumber

This is all I need

Nothing more to get me moving

Just enough to wake my desire

It's about how I start this

From the moment I wake I have 18 more

Some use this time to get lost in the fiction of others

Or perhaps to satisfy the urge from the tip of their tongue to the pit of their tum

Once the enemy hits the bottom it knocks you to the recliner

Stealing all your ambitions

Satisfied that it brought you down to where it feels most comfortable

Even the demons inside are afraid to go bold

They do only what they know and fear what-if 




Find Your Cause

Find Your Cause

Find your cause

I said find your cause


What we create is so much bigger than what we are

But what we believe is what we choose to see

Ya see, we're all a part of this system whether we want to believe it or not

But what the system doesn't give recognition

They're scare you'll fight to the top


What we do at this time will determine who we are to others

But more importantly, to ourselves

With this self satisfaction

We gain the brain tension to push a nation to fraction

Fracture the earth in a caption

Capture the worth of a captain

Push an ego to the limit

Just to see what we fit in it

Every time that we got higher

Was another we got wiser

Learning how to bend the limits

The inheritance was given

Learning how to shape the box

That we thought couldn't be molded


But it turns out the box was created by someone who thinks much like us


So you know what we did?


So We Stood up on what we feel

We're Standing tall and feeling regal

Even the jailbirds see us

From a angle we were real

To the ones who think we couldn't

To the ones afraid to try

I say, get up, get up

Don't ever let them take you down

Get up, get up

Only few will take the crown


And perhaps we become the few when we decide that we deserve it

Perhaps we become the few

When we decide that we deserve it

Perhaps we become the few when we - recognize the power in repetition

The power in recommission

The power is self sufficient

Don't you see it?

It took me years to believe it


The wealth magnifies the type of person you already are

But let it be known that you won't let it get the best of you


We learn at the school of example


So - exemplify, what you must defy

And you will amplify us all






We're suddenly obsessed with the political press
We march for our rights to reject those in power
Fill the streets with signs to empower the flowerless
We bring down the flawless
What they fail to see is
We’re born to be keepers
This is the next generation of rulers, of protectors - motivated by emails of how we could do better






I'm so sorry you had to see him go 

We all know that he loved you the most

Or loves you still, depending on what you believe

We all need to lay on to these things to bring meaning to the way we breathe

Sick for so long

Decisions made out of fear

Maybe the wrong ones

Or maybe I don't know a thing about what brought you here

I see how you are when you're around each other

I go back to fear, because I fear that the other made these choices from a true place of that - not knowing if he'll lose everything he's earned

When in reality, you seem to take more than your fair share 

I know he's gone, and for that I send you and yours my love

But I truly hope the other sees the things within himself that are worth fighting for

Or perhaps I'm completely wrong






I deserve to have this gun

it’s my second amendment right

in case bad guys put up a fight

or if the government gets too tight

The answer to all these mass shootings

is not to remove guns

but to arm more humans

the responsible ones!

What if a man with a concealed carry was present

Saved the day

killed the bad guy

got a handshake from the president


I’m gonna say it, let me just say it

we need to ban military guns from civilians

you may not agree and I may not care

because when it’s all said and done, that’s many less lives lost from a mentally lost soul

I’d rather get picked a part for what I believe than knowing that I could’ve saved a life

taking life is a sport

I’ll hold the head up while you take a picture

post it to Facebook, but first to insta

Kill, kill. the need, the thrill.

video games, movies, and now, for real

you get strapped up

suit up and sit tight

you planned it all out

first, you take the guards life

100 rounds, enough to go down

take them all out

hold the fort down

shoot em while they’re weeping

move into the bathroom, take em while they’re texting

Your green greed could’ve saved 49 lives

a million more, over time

the only purpose for this thing is to take a life

more shots in a shorter time

your green greed could save a life

even for one, it’s worth the try


Yesterday was the worst we’ve heard

for the victims of the pulse massacre

They lost their lives, no second chance 

we learn by shooting at paper shaped like humans

you argue ‘Well, anyone can make a bomb!’

“Might as well make everything illegal, like matches & pressure cookers!"


Yes, it’s in the mans mentality that makes him able to commit this brutality

But now 49 people are dead

and the whole world is hurt

he obtained his gun following the rules

but what if the rules were stricter?



even if one life is saved

then damnit, it’s worth it.



we are more than just a number

a statistic to the senate

experimental laws to see how many make it




male aggression

male aggression

What we breathe is greed

Our human need is to breed

But what we breed we need to feed

And when we can't feed... The people stampede

Bricks and stones in cars and homes

Fire, a mans desire

She told me the problem with society

It's not drugs, guns, sex or greed

A mans ego will tell him where he goes

And mans soul is weak when it gets cold

This is where the genders separate

Clear difference between love and hate 

They act on their impulse

Buy a gun to kill at pulse

With some psychological healing and tenderness where they're feeling - we might get to the core of what is causing this hailing




i need to leave

I need to leave

I'm here to create

I tell myself it's my fate

I tell myself it's what I'm being told

To say that out loud would be far too bold

My head feels like it's going to explode

There's a pressure in the back

A pressure for gold

I could just fall asleep

But instead I'm here making it deep

A small pillow holds me up

A big lonely bed supports my luck

Do I deserve what I have?

Or should I be kicked in the road and learn to make it back?

It has gotten to a point where the choice is made

It's a frightening realization

But it's one that could save my dreams

The second to last thing I want to do it break her heart

It tears me apart to see her this harmed

I love her, I love her, I love her

I just don't believe I'm meant to be with her

I'm not going to lie, the thought lately doesn't sound half bad

But if I give this time, resentment will be killer

My prayer for post is that we turn out to be true lifelong friends, not ghosts.

She's a true gem and I hope she sees that's how I view her.




growing together

growing together

In a lonely world 

Different stories 

Many more have seen the falling

All in all I don't think you're ready

You give him what you have

But he doesn't know how to pay it forward


In the place where you both live

You walk every day

You keep all our stories

All alone I watch you sit

He's right there beside you


He knows he's selfish every day, in many ways

Notes left at his workspace

Begging him to not forget

You've shared all your weakest moments 

Such a story to be told

But what he needs - you don't hold


You've travelled half the world together

Made it through storms and brighter weather

Though not always perfect, they were perfect memories

Don't be bitter that he left

So many goals left unlived

The resentment would be much worse in the future

I truly, deeply & sincerely love you.






I often visit where I was born

In a town full of trees

The water sings to me

A sense of fullness comes upon me

Body feels at home

My heart is not alone


It takes a narrow road to get there

Every time I drive to you

I'm in the light of the moon

Blinded by the coming headlights

Stay alert, stay alive

On this beautiful drive


One city

The most beautiful people in the world

So many stories

I found love on the corner of 3rd and brunette

I sang her the chorus and she rolled like thunder

We spent 3 years living like lovers

Every corner has its story

I relive a past so present


Oh, there's a stream through my core

It stretches five miles long

Oh, so many people I love have stayed

I might be back for good some day - but probably not

These years I must depart

My love for this place will catch fire and burn like a Phoenix 

Rebuilding every time I sit in the shade of your Oak trees


Spring blossoms will smell even sweeter when I come back




to know you

to know you

Do you feel safe around me?

Do I make you believe you're truly free?

I'm not after one thing

I'm not like the others that come before me

I truly want to know you

I spend time with you to have a deeper connection

Last night was something of a date

But in that moment I saw how you truly see me

Perhaps this won't lead anywhere

But I'm okay with that

Being your friend brings me joy, and I can live with that

The benefit of knowing you is happiness

You open up to me, but it takes all my energy to get to that point

I will never put you in a position which you feel unsafe

I will never make you feel uncomfortable

I'm not like the others before me

I just truly want to know you.




how to

how to

excerpt from my journaling.


Does she:

  • look at you when she laughs?(yes)
  • Point her toes and torso toward you in a conversation (especially group setting)
  • Pupils dilate when she looks at you?
  • Glance at you multiple times within a couple minutes?
  • Touch her lips or look at your lips?
  • Play with her hair or try to make it look better
  • Mention you to her friends? (Yes)
  • Accidentally touch you?  (Yes) Intentionally touch you? (Yes) (Touch her hand, lower back or face in a non-creepy way.  If she likes you, her reaction will be positive)
  • Get nervous around you?
  • Tend to stick nearby you in public places?


How to:

  • Have your own life
  • Have an interesting hobby or passion
  • Ask her to do small things for you - Benjamin Franklin effect
  • Make her laugh
  • Be her friend (& do things other people don't do - little notes, etc)
  • Break the touch barrier (casual touching - make it clear you're willing to touch her in a non-sexual way)
  • Tell her secrets ( if you show that you trust her, she'll trust and open up to you)
  • Give her all of your attention in conversation
  • Workout




let them see for themselves

let them see for themselves

Channel this beauty

This inner healing

Let this one consume you

Let the beast find his own way

You're here to achieve your greatness

No one can take what you have inside

This is the time to let your mind glide

The hours you'll put in are a reflection of how high you'll fly

They’ll work for you

But you've got to work for you

Show the world you can be real to the healing

Give them something to look up to

Let them know in little ways

Your love and drive comes from a holy place

Your waking light is the creator

Your Loving light is the creator

Your city lights are the creator

They will see where your truth, love and hope stems from

And when they realize, perhaps they'll reflect on what is truly worth living

I've met some wonderful people in my life lately

It brings me joy to be so accepting and social.

The people deserve what I'm not working to gain for free

This city has made me see so many things