put your heart at least once in the ocean

if you don't try now you'll never feel the emotion

what we do at this time will determine who we are to ourselves - who we are to others

life lives on in a complicated fashion

organized crime and unfiltered passion

only the fortunate few are here to take the crown

perhaps we become the few when we decide that we deserve it

if I knew the end, would I love endlessly?

if I knew the climax, would I open up to you?

if we know where we go from a feeling in our gut - then what makes us try so hard for something we see as luck?

in any situation, I see beauty in your eyes

there's a spark inside that only time try's

the true revealer is that of nature

with our intention we haze the true creation

I want to fly to let me dreams be on top

and when I die it will be enough

I'll know where I was when it meant everything

I'll know when you make a single silent scream

you're dying inside knowing you can't stop the bus

you're crying outside with the words that I mutter

if this is the time that we end all our pain - will we stop this safe train, or will it become another thing in vain?

the words come to me in this state of challenge

i think I've found a new horizon to meet my creator

it's a beautiful realization to be the one to heal a nation

but what do we do when the people become their only weapon?

they backfire in an instant

life goes around in circles with an ever-evolving faith