Pt. 2

You left a manic mark on my shoulder as contentment

I left a mark of fire on your heel

Soon enough you’d mark me in color

Maybe someday you’ll have a color of your own


I love you in every state of despair

I loved you in a Giant Sequoia

I dreamed of loving you in India

We share the same travel desires

You were the first I opened up to about my skepticism

Spirituality in Beautiful

Religion is another


We find that we connect in a new constellation

Our stars will help our shine shine longer

I empathize your cynical look on illness

Do realize I didn't come here to take your power

I promise to love you when you break something twice

And I promise to call you out if you hurt how I try


You've been stuck in a state of despair

Now I don’t know if we’ll ever fully connect again


& that thought has broken me