I often visit where I was born

In a town full of trees

The water sings to me

A sense of fullness comes upon me

Body feels at home

My heart is not alone


It takes a narrow road to get there

Every time I drive to you

I'm in the light of the moon

Blinded by the coming headlights

Stay alert, stay alive

On this beautiful drive


One city

The most beautiful people in the world

So many stories

I found love on the corner of 3rd and brunette

I sang her the chorus and she rolled like thunder

We spent 3 years living like lovers

Every corner has its story

I relive a past so present


Oh, there's a stream through my core

It stretches five miles long

Oh, so many people I love have stayed

I might be back for good some day - but probably not

These years I must depart

My love for this place will catch fire and burn like a Phoenix 

Rebuilding every time I sit in the shade of your Oak trees


Spring blossoms will smell even sweeter when I come back