I deserve to have this gun

it’s my second amendment right

in case bad guys put up a fight

or if the government gets too tight

The answer to all these mass shootings

is not to remove guns

but to arm more humans

the responsible ones!

What if a man with a concealed carry was present

Saved the day

killed the bad guy

got a handshake from the president


I’m gonna say it, let me just say it

we need to ban military guns from civilians

you may not agree and I may not care

because when it’s all said and done, that’s many less lives lost from a mentally lost soul

I’d rather get picked a part for what I believe than knowing that I could’ve saved a life

taking life is a sport

I’ll hold the head up while you take a picture

post it to Facebook, but first to insta

Kill, kill. the need, the thrill.

video games, movies, and now, for real

you get strapped up

suit up and sit tight

you planned it all out

first, you take the guards life

100 rounds, enough to go down

take them all out

hold the fort down

shoot em while they’re weeping

move into the bathroom, take em while they’re texting

Your green greed could’ve saved 49 lives

a million more, over time

the only purpose for this thing is to take a life

more shots in a shorter time

your green greed could save a life

even for one, it’s worth the try


Yesterday was the worst we’ve heard

for the victims of the pulse massacre

They lost their lives, no second chance 

we learn by shooting at paper shaped like humans

you argue ‘Well, anyone can make a bomb!’

“Might as well make everything illegal, like matches & pressure cookers!"


Yes, it’s in the mans mentality that makes him able to commit this brutality

But now 49 people are dead

and the whole world is hurt

he obtained his gun following the rules

but what if the rules were stricter?



even if one life is saved

then damnit, it’s worth it.



we are more than just a number

a statistic to the senate

experimental laws to see how many make it