growing together

In a lonely world 

Different stories 

Many more have seen the falling

All in all I don't think you're ready

You give him what you have

But he doesn't know how to pay it forward


In the place where you both live

You walk every day

You keep all our stories

All alone I watch you sit

He's right there beside you


He knows he's selfish every day, in many ways

Notes left at his workspace

Begging him to not forget

You've shared all your weakest moments 

Such a story to be told

But what he needs - you don't hold


You've travelled half the world together

Made it through storms and brighter weather

Though not always perfect, they were perfect memories

Don't be bitter that he left

So many goals left unlived

The resentment would be much worse in the future

I truly, deeply & sincerely love you.