how to

excerpt from my journaling.


Does she:

  • look at you when she laughs?(yes)
  • Point her toes and torso toward you in a conversation (especially group setting)
  • Pupils dilate when she looks at you?
  • Glance at you multiple times within a couple minutes?
  • Touch her lips or look at your lips?
  • Play with her hair or try to make it look better
  • Mention you to her friends? (Yes)
  • Accidentally touch you?  (Yes) Intentionally touch you? (Yes) (Touch her hand, lower back or face in a non-creepy way.  If she likes you, her reaction will be positive)
  • Get nervous around you?
  • Tend to stick nearby you in public places?


How to:

  • Have your own life
  • Have an interesting hobby or passion
  • Ask her to do small things for you - Benjamin Franklin effect
  • Make her laugh
  • Be her friend (& do things other people don't do - little notes, etc)
  • Break the touch barrier (casual touching - make it clear you're willing to touch her in a non-sexual way)
  • Tell her secrets ( if you show that you trust her, she'll trust and open up to you)
  • Give her all of your attention in conversation
  • Workout