let them see for themselves

Channel this beauty

This inner healing

Let this one consume you

Let the beast find his own way

You're here to achieve your greatness

No one can take what you have inside

This is the time to let your mind glide

The hours you'll put in are a reflection of how high you'll fly

They’ll work for you

But you've got to work for you

Show the world you can be real to the healing

Give them something to look up to

Let them know in little ways

Your love and drive comes from a holy place

Your waking light is the creator

Your Loving light is the creator

Your city lights are the creator

They will see where your truth, love and hope stems from

And when they realize, perhaps they'll reflect on what is truly worth living

I've met some wonderful people in my life lately

It brings me joy to be so accepting and social.

The people deserve what I'm not working to gain for free

This city has made me see so many things