I'm blessed to be a dreamer

What a chance to say what I believe in

They get locked away and thrown with the bleeders 

Another diamond to crush and sell to the leaders 

We live in a white fence, where privilege is our consequence 

Throw a prayer your way, or maybe sponsor to say I did it

Tell ourselves we're doing all we can do 

Not a care in the air that we're the fortunate few

Yes, we get poisoned by the ones who control us 

Bleach in our produce & a false treatment for cancer 

Our happiness is controlled by a candy shaped pill, then 10 more to cancel out the chain reaction

Fracture the earth until our foundation crumbles, give our clean water to mass kill the cattle

After all this greed and feed, it doesn’t compare to your lives getting stolen

All of this trouble is too much to handle for our complexion, but we have the privilege to not get involved