After all these days

You're still what I think about as I fall asleep

You're still on my mind when I'm with someone else

There's an unspoken spark that ignited a flame in the park where I first knew you

I love asking you questions

I love hearing your answers

I feel that I know you

I feel that you want to trust me

I want you to know you can

I want you to feel safe

I will always be there when you need

& I know you'll do the same for me

As I earn your trust, my arms open up

You fall into them a little more every day

I let you borrow my hat that you love, so when you see it you think of me - and because I want to share the best of what I have with you

I truly believe this bond will last the rest of our lives

I'm so proud of you - so proud of all you accomplish, & so proud to call you my friend <3