You said, it's 'Been A Little' while

I spent all day with a new desire

I found myself here to tame your fire

A cancer that eats away the burn

You give me a sign that sings higher than the birds


I found myself captivated by your eyes

Changing shades with the tides we let wash away our time

We both left this day feeling truly accepted

Relieved and scared of what this could mean

We haven't felt this way in ages

We've helped each other create something honest and breathless

I want to feel you as a companion every day

I want to lock eyes as you hold your breath

I want to relieve the moment we sang to each other our past


I came into this day with a suspicion you're going to affect me

The one you want to meet taught me to always trust that feeling


I don't feel this often

But I feel a sensual tension

And emotional sanction

A true feel of completion


You said you want to travel to the dirty places

Truth revealed that we share the same attraction

Damn, I can't stop thinking about your eyes

From the moment we met I was truly mesmerized


I'll always think of when we jumped in the ocean fully clothed

It's a hard thing to find someone who lets life flow


When I returned back to the place where I sleep

You had a song waiting to keep me up beat

It's been a little while since you opened up like this

A song to confess of how you've kept it all inside

You said it's been a little while 

Been A Little

You said it's been a little while

Been A Little