Find Your Cause

Find your cause

I said find your cause


What we create is so much bigger than what we are

But what we believe is what we choose to see

Ya see, we're all a part of this system whether we want to believe it or not

But what the system doesn't give recognition

They're scare you'll fight to the top


What we do at this time will determine who we are to others

But more importantly, to ourselves

With this self satisfaction

We gain the brain tension to push a nation to fraction

Fracture the earth in a caption

Capture the worth of a captain

Push an ego to the limit

Just to see what we fit in it

Every time that we got higher

Was another we got wiser

Learning how to bend the limits

The inheritance was given

Learning how to shape the box

That we thought couldn't be molded


But it turns out the box was created by someone who thinks much like us


So you know what we did?


So We Stood up on what we feel

We're Standing tall and feeling regal

Even the jailbirds see us

From a angle we were real

To the ones who think we couldn't

To the ones afraid to try

I say, get up, get up

Don't ever let them take you down

Get up, get up

Only few will take the crown


And perhaps we become the few when we decide that we deserve it

Perhaps we become the few

When we decide that we deserve it

Perhaps we become the few when we - recognize the power in repetition

The power in recommission

The power is self sufficient

Don't you see it?

It took me years to believe it


The wealth magnifies the type of person you already are

But let it be known that you won't let it get the best of you


We learn at the school of example


So - exemplify, what you must defy

And you will amplify us all