A Spark original lyrics - copied from my iPhone notes.  Often times when writing lyrics my mind just rambles on and words turn from song intention to poetry in it's purest form.



This is where we came from

And this is where we return to

We all have a spark to leave here

Blessed to have someone to carry it on

Believe in your highest self

I always put you up on the highest shelf

What I would take back is the time I wasted

Hasty, complacent, I always was taken

Sometimes by hands so course

But you know what it's like to be drained by the toxicity

what excuse do I have?

Every time I feel the urge to send you a text, my eyes tend to precipitate

I had 3 years to State my intentions

Your path would've changed and you wouldn't have passed away


You won't ever - forget the day after

When you lose someone you ❀️ 


The birds sound sweeter

You focus on your breathing

Simplicity - has - meaning

In the moment we feel that we'll live forever & grow together

there’s nothing better

Drinks on a Sunday

Coffee Dates

A new first kiss

While you stargaze

they fall through the cracks, we never get back all these

Second changes 

New romances

Bottled up what I want to express is



Hope you see all the things I've created 

For you

About you

And now

Without you




If we knew the end would we love endlessly?

It’s worth a little more with unpredictability

The answer to why we feel so deeply

You're always on my mind

You're every line

Always in my heart

In every rhyme